I Am Rarely Sick Now, And I Feel Less Stressed: Julie’s Story

Cell110315 129Although I sell essential oils for a reputable company and have used them regularly for a few years now, I had NO idea that sometimes my body might respond differently to different ones, and that sometimes an oil for a particular ailment might NOT be the best one for me at that time. Imagine my surprise when Jennifer first tested oils on me and noted my reaction and positive changes before recommending a certain oil or blend of oils for whatever ailed me at the time. I remember specifically one time I was using a lot of lavender for toning down stress, and she discovered that my body was having an adverse reaction to the lavender-I needed to use an orange blend instead. Boy, were things much better after using the orange, just as she said!

Last week, I went in to see Jennifer for two very specific complaints, low blood sugar drops and a bladder infection. As she was examining me she asked, “what’s going on with your lungs?”

I thought, huh? “Nothing is going on there,” I answered. And then I remembered. For the past two weeks, the road in front of my house had been torn up with construction, people were traveling through anyway in spite of the signs (sometimes very fast) and the clouds of dust had really been bothering me. I had even needed to take an over-the-counter allergy medication several times. Yup, that’s what it was. My sinuses and eyes were not the only things bothered by the dust clouds. My lungs were apparently complaining (and needed support) too.

That was not the first time that Jennifer has brought something up out of the blue as she was examining me. And I am sure it won’t be the last! I am always shocked to hear when she tells me something that I never verbally complained about, or don’t even remember.

Acupuncture was new to me when I first came to Points to Wellness and I was nervous to try it. But that combined with (the right) essential oils and Chinese herbs have made a big difference in my health, and in my life. Although I work for West Suburban Wellness and regularly receive chiropractic treatment (also very important with my ailments), I was missing a step that would complement the treatment that I already was receiving. Now that I am a patient at Points to Wellness too, all my avenues to better health are paved with gold.

With the combination, my immune system strength has multiplied and I am much stronger, as well as sick less often!

Julie Bonn Blank