Therapeutic Microcurrent Biotechnology

Microcurrent technology grew out of the field of science called electrophysiology, the study of the electrical properties of cells. Not as popular as chemistry which has resulted in the explosion in pharmacology, biophysicists nevertheless recognize that living bodies are electrically wired; that cells generate electricity.
Sophisticated biofeedback monitoring capability is built into the Acuscope and Myopulse instruments.

Through a relay of programmed microchips, this biofeedback is used to configure minute doses of precisely modified microcurrents, delivered without sensation through the skin by probes and electrodes, in order to return the nerves and connective tissue to a normal level of electrical “charge.” Fondly referred to as “the human battery charger,” treatment literally causes the nerve cells to once again conduct unobstructed signals.

The muscles, organs, and glands benefit from improved electrical conductivity when nerve current moves freely once again to nerve endings. Improved bioelectricity allows the body to more effectively use proteins and other nutrients for cell growth and regeneration of all types of tissue. Incomplete (painful) repair jobs are completed, metabolic waste products are more efficiently eliminated, and inflammation is reduced.

The result? Joint pain is relieved. Headaches disappear. Blood and lymph circulation also improves. Brainwaves are reconditioned to sustain the frequencies associated with relaxation and mental clarity. The treatments are completely comfortable and patients often fall asleep, awakening refreshed and “recharged.”

What Conditions are Treated with this Equipment?
• Chronic Pain Syndromes – frequently produces resolution when all other methods have failed; it is best advised to use Acuscope-Myopulse as a preliminary measure
• Acute Injury, Accident (PI Cases) for new tissue damage repair, Sports Injury
• Repetitive Use Syndromes (Carpal Tunnel wrist pain, golf shoulder, “tennis elbow,” etc.)
• Stress Relief – in lieu of anti-depressants, sleep aids, other addictive psychotropic drugs
• Veterans suffering with PTSD and painful war wounds will be among those who benefit greatly in the community; hastens recovery after surgery; helps with adjustment to prosthetics
• Pre-Op Prep and Post-Op Recovery + Maintenance thereafter – recommended to boost cellular metabolism before the operation; and rehab after all types of surgical procedures and hospital stays
• Prior to referral for standard Physical Therapy (insures success of therapeutic PT procedures)
• In combination with Chiropractic Skeletal Adjustment and Therapeutic Massage (if advisable)
• Brain Injury/Spinal Injury/Paralysis/Stroke
• Neurological Disorders (early dementia, MS, CP, Parkinsons)
• Anti-Aging and Geriatrics (boosts old batteries back to fully charged capacity – Mind & Body!)
• To enhance results of other medical procedures that various types of doctors provide, such as BioIdentical Hormone Balancing; Homeopathy; Psychiatric Counseling; Nutritional Counseling;
• To insure the success of a recommended exercise and/or healthy diet program
• Non-Invasive Facial Rejuvenation (especially to restore, uplift and tone the face after pain is gone and smiles are ready to return!)
• To enhance the results of Aesthetic Reconstructive Surgery and produce speedier recovery time by quickly reducing swelling and tissue discoloration
• Reduce adhesions; soften, reintegrate, and lighten scar tissue to nearly invisible
• Avascular wounds (long-term open wounds that refuse to heal) miraculously close

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