Essential Oils

cropped-young-living-eos.pngTherapeutic-grade essential oils and how they work

What are therapeutic-grade essential oils?

Therapeutic-grade essential oils contain the highest concentrations of healing properties found in nature. Packed with inter-cellular messengers such as enzymes, hormones, vitamins and minerals and oxygen, essential oils are alive. These oils easily penetrate skin, fat, muscle and connective tissue, allowing rapid absorption into the bloodstream, lymph system and organs. Essential oils made from evergreens, resins and mints reach deepest into the body, penetrating even bone and brain matter. These unique characteristics allow for a variety of application methods that address a wide range of health concerns.

Therapeutic-grade essential oils are my favorite supplements to recommend for a host of reasons. They last for years when well packaged and stored. You can create custom blends and fill capsules as needed for internal use. The bottles are small for easy storage and travel. More fragrant oils can be worn as perfume and diffused throughout your surroundings; people always comment how wonderful my home, office and car smell.

The life force in food as well as in all living creatures can be measured by electrical frequencies. Therapeutic-grade essential oils carry the highest electrical frequencies and hold great healing potential. They will raise the electrical frequencies of whatever they come in contact with. People who are sick will feel better within minutes when the right oils are administered in the right way.

Toxic chemicals, caffeine and alcohol carry low vibrational frequencies that reduce the electrical frequency of your body (as do emotional upsets, negative internal dialog, breath-retention and postural imbalances). When your electrical vibration is high you feel energized, positive and generally upbeat. When your electrical vibration is low you feel lethargic, down and emotionally off balance. Therapeutic-grade essential oils, meditation, certain types of music, yoga, exercise and activities that rejuvenate you all raise the electrical vibration in the body to promote wellness. Of these, therapeutic-grade essential oils are the strongest and easiest to incorporate into busy lifestyles.

All Essential Oils Are Not Created Equal

young-living-oelThere are three grades of essential oils: food grade, perfume grade and therapeutic grade. Food- and perfume-grade essential oils are manufactured using the cheapest methods available. Many chemicals are used in the food- and perfume-grade manufacturing processes, among them pesticides and fertilizers during the plants’ growing stages, followed by toxic solvents for extracting their oils. Food-grade oils contain only a small percentage of the essential oil. They are diluted with carrier oils to keep costs down and they contain preservatives. These oils are not recommended for internal use and are harmful if ingested.

Therapeutic-grade essential oils vary in quality and fragrance from one manufacturer to another. Conventionally grown, organic and wild-harvested plants used to make therapeutic-grade essential oils all differ significantly in their aromas and healing properties. Most therapeutic-grade essential oil manufacturers use a steam-distillation extraction process, the preferred method, but others use chemical solvents to increase yields. In some cases lower quality or less expensive therapeutic-grade essential oils can be used in treatment. In other cases your motto should be “Accept no substitute.” Body-Feedback™ testing methods can compare different manufacturers’ oils to help you identify the best ones for your needs.

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How does Body-Feedback™ with essential oils work?

The Body-Feedback™ system identifies the best essential oils to promote healing and maintain health based on your individual needs at any particular moment. You can use your body as a feedback system to locate specific muscle groups and acupuncture points that indicate imbalances in physical and emotional health or that correspond to symptoms of disease. Specific muscle groups and/or acupuncture points become reactive when symptoms or imbalances are present. The brain, the body’s command center, is constantly monitoring these reactive areas in the body. When essential oils are inhaled, the brain creates a temporary patch that initiates healing and releases the tender reactive area for a few moments. The most effective and best-tolerated essential oils will release tender and painful reactive areas the longest.

By Michelle Buchanan, Acupuncturist and Creator of Body-Feedback with Essential Oils™
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