Try these Superfood recipes to Balance your Blood Sugar and Detox your Liver



SEED MILK – This also has all 10 essential amino acids for the body to make its own protein.

You can get these ingredients at Whole Foods

Helps balance blood sugar to reduce cravings,  and lightens mood.  High in calcium and magnesium, essential minerals and Vitamin E.  


Raw sesame seed (not toasted)

Raw pumpkin seeds

Raw sunflower seeds

Soak 1 TBL each in a  separate jar for 24 hours.   Rinse 3 times twice in 24 hrs


Raw flax seeds soak in water and put in frig, stir 2x a day


After they have soaked 18 to 24 hrs.  put seeds in vita mix with spring water.  Put on high speed until it looks well blended but take care not to heat up or it will destroy the enzymes.  Use a strainer to strain out the fiber and drink.  To start with you may want to strain twice.


I use seed sprouter jars.  It is easier to rinse without losing the seeds.  Here is a link to a website that sells them and to give you an idea


It is best to use a vita mix because the speed is significantly higher to be able to break down the soaked seeds into milk but a good high speed blender should be fine for now. sometimes they go to Sam’s club and you can get cheaper


Green Juice – 

High in calcium, easily absorbed by the body.


 1 head of broccoli with stem

½ bunch of collard greens

½ bunch dandelion greens

½ bunch kale  (red kale is more mild tasting) 


Note:  use kale within a day of buying since it gets more bitter the longer in storage.

 You have to use a juicer designed for leafy greens.  It is a lower speed, does not generate heat which would destroy the active enzymes.


I use a Green Star juicer