Points To Wellness strives to maintain a balance between reasonable rates and the highest quality of care.

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Initial Acupuncture Visit: The initial visit takes 90 minutes and includes medical history, Chinese medicine examination, review of systems, BODY-FEEDBACK with Essential Oils assessment and treatment, report of findings and an acupuncture treatment. You may also receive an herbal medicine & dietary recommendations at this or future visits. *Please arrive early & allow at least 90 minutes for this visit.

Follow Up Acupuncture Visit 45-60 minutes: May include 1 or more of the following: acupuncture, Body-Feedback with Essential Oils, cupping, gua sha, tui na. However, these visits may also include updates on progress, reevaluation, and herbal & dietary recommendations. Please allow 60 minutes for a normal return visit.

Body-Feedback with Essential Oil 30 mins:
We use Young Living therapeutic grade essential oil along with Body-Feedback and Oriental Medicine diagnosis methods.

The body has different reflex areas that will be tight or painful indicating an imbalance in a Meridian. Through smelling, your olfactory senses have a direct influence on the brain bypassing the liver and digestion system. A positive or negative reaction is registered immediately both in the pulse and in the area of tightness or pain that we are testing when the correct oil is found.

Your brain is the master control center, it monitors everything going on in your body: Muscle weakness, infections, blood sugar dysregulation, hormone imbalance, immune function, brain function, emotional issues etc. Using Essential oils with your treatments can greatly increase the effectiveness and staying power of the acupuncture treatment.

Herb Consultations (without acupuncture): Although most of our patients like to include acupuncture in their treatment plan, we do offer Chinese herbal medicine consultations for patients who do not want acupuncture. Initial herb appointments include consultation, general medical history review, a Chinese medicine intake, and herbal medicine recommendations.

Follow up consults allow the practitioner to track the patient’s progress as well as make adjustments to the herbal formula. Depending on the individual and the health concern being addressed, these consults are conducted every 2-4 weeks. Please allow 45-60 minutes for a Initial Herbal Consult and 15-30 minutes for a Follow Up Herb Consult. Please note that herb consults DO NOT include the cost of the herbal medicine.

Cupping is an ancient cross cultural technique. Oxygen is removed from the cup via fire or vaso compression cups and quickly put on the skin. This pulls the toxins out of the deepest layers of the tissues up to 4” deep up to the skin surface where they can be pulled from the body, thus allowing fresh blood flow to the deep tissues. The darker the color that is left, the more qi and blood stagnation there is in the area.

Cupping activates the lymphatic system and is an excellent adjunct to a detox program. It also helps with weight loss, frozen shoulder, neck, shoulder, back pain, TMJ, Bells Palsy,and Piriformis Syndrome.

Gua Sha
A smooth flat object such as a Chinese soup spoon is stroked over oiled skin repeatedly til a millet rash is brought out. Color can range from pale pink to dark purple depending on the degree of stagnation. If you see dark purple, it is recommended to have this treatment or cupping done weekly until the dark color is gone, thus clearing the blockage.

Gua sha increases cellular turnover, stagnant blood is brought to the surface and fresh blood is brought it. Stimulates the immune system. It is an excellent adjunct therapy for boosting the immune system or alleviating neck, shoulder and back pain.

Eastern Nutrition
Eastern nutrition is the belief of healing through natural foods vs medications. Your practitioner will recommend certain foods that can help your condition and will advise you which foods to avoid as they will exacerbate your condition. Eastern nutrition is a modality of Oriental Medicine verses evidenced based science. It has been practice for 3500 years. Following nutrition guidelines can dramatically shorten your course of treatment.