Pain Relief Through Body Feedback

veteranMy greatest joy is helping people find healing. Doing that for a Veteran who has served this great nation is a true honor.

The VA referred this man who had been suffering migraines and low back pain for about a year. Acupuncture and Young Living JuvaCleanse™ Essential Oil relieved his chronic migraine in the first visit. Body- Feedback™ with Essential Oils relieved his headaches on his first visit.

As a Japanese-Style Acupuncturist, I use palpation based techniques to assess the body to see where the imbalances may be and what the root of it is. For this veteran, the tender acupuncture points and pulse changed immediately for the better when I tested JuvaCleanse™ to them.

If there are any imbalance in the meridians, the body will often have symptoms or problems with self- healing. There may be tenderness, soreness or tightness along the channels or acupuncture points.
As an acupuncturist, I would pick points that would help to correct the imbalance. I would get confirmation when the sore or tight areas would relax.

I can also do this with essential oils using the Body-FeedBack ™ system created by Wisconsin-Based Michelle Buchanan. When you smell an essential oil, there are tiny little molecules that enter into your brain via the olfactory bulb. The olfactory bulb communicates with the rest of the brain. Your brain is constantly monitoring everything that goes on within your body. When you smell the essential oil, it puts a temporary patch in from the brain to your body.

If the correct oil is chosen, the tenderness and tightness will go away and the pulse will balance. If it is the wrong oil, the tenderness and tightness will become worse.

When I do a Body-Feedback™ assessment, I check all 12 meridians and organ systems. I then test and choose the essential oils that best correct that imbalance. The essential oils chosen are then used with or without acupuncture in your treatment. Using essential oils along with acupuncture magnifies the effectiveness of your treatment. Many times a patient experiences significant symptomatic relief and is deeply relaxed before a single filiform needle is inserted.