Fertility Support

new-family-with-baby300I had been suffering from infertility, severe cystic acne, digestive issues and many other ailments for years when a close friend suggested that I visit Points to Wellness, Inc. After three failed cycles of IVF, I decided to make an appointment.

At our initial visit, Jennifer evaluated my current symptoms and past medical history. She also had me complete an infertility survey. She suggested some simple dietary and lifestyle changes as well as weekly acupuncture treatments.

Within weeks, my skin cleared up, I was sleeping better and feeling more relaxed, and I was no longer experiencing gastrointestinal discomfort.

Jennifer was the most helpful when I began my fourth cycle of IVF infertility treatment. She went above and beyond to make it successful. I continued my weekly acupuncture treatments and the essential oils and Chinese herbs that Jennifer recommended for regulating stress and easing stress.

When it came time for my egg retrieval, she even adjusted her schedule to get me in for an extra acupuncture treatment the day before. She also scheduled timely appointments for my husband to receive acupuncture treatments for a few weeks before he gave his sperm sample for testing.

My embryo transfer was scheduled on a Sunday at 6:00 in the morning. Although Points to Wellness is normally closed on Sundays, Jennifer opened her office specifically for me so that I could undergo acupuncture right before my procedure.

Two weeks later, my husband and I found out that we were expecting our first child!

I continued to see Jennifer for acupuncture throughout my pregnancy. I was fortunate to not experience any of the uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy, including nausea and fatigue. I have been able to maintain a healthy weight gain and have been free from all the other ailments that I was expecting prior to visiting Points to Wellness.

Most importantly, Jennifer takes the time to get to know her patients and tries to find the root causes of health problems instead of just treating the symptoms.  She is very knowledgeable and willing to research multiple treatments for a variety of conditions. Jennifer is thoughtful, caring and passionate about helping others. She is flexible when scheduling appointments and offers reasonable rates to make treatment available to all. All things considered, I truly believed that the treatment I received from Jennifer helped me conceive successfully through IVF.

I highly recommend Points to Wellness for anyone undergoing fertility treatments or suffering infertility.

Thank you,

Reyna Hoppe