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Body Feedback with Essential Oils


Body-Feedback™ techniques are designed to identify meridian imbalances and do not diagnose diseases. When acupuncture meridians are balanced the body is encouraged to repair and restore health. Essential oils work by easily penetrating your skin, fat, muscle and connective tissue, allowing rapid absorption into the bloodstream, lymph system and organs. Therapeutic-grade essential oils are packed with intracellular messengers such as enzymes, hormones, vitamins and minerals and even oxygen.

Body-Feedback with Essential Oils is a system Michelle Buchanan, MSOM, CA, Dipl Ac., created to significantly improve the effectiveness of therapeutic-grade essential oils by combining them with the ancient acupuncture meridian diagnosing system. The integration of modern-day essential oils with time-tested palpation-based diagnosing techniques effectively promotes wellness and self-healing for people who take responsibility for their health.

How Essential Oils Work on Electrical Frequencies

The life force in food as well as in all living creatures can be measured by electrical frequencies. Therapeutic-grade essential oils hold great healing potential because they carry the highest electrical frequencies and will raise the frequencies of whatever they come in contact with.

Toxic chemicals, caffeine and alcohol carry low vibrational frequencies that reduce the electrical frequency of your body (as do emotional upsets, negative internal dialog, breath-retention and postural imbalances). When your electrical vibration is high you feel energized, positive and generally optimistic. When your electrical vibration is low you feel lethargic, negative and emotionally unbalanced. Therapeutic-grade essential oils, meditation, music, yoga, exercise and activities that rejuvenate you all raise the electrical vibration in the body to promote wellness. Of these, therapeutic-grade essential oils are the strongest and easiest to incorporate into busy lifestyles.

Why Essential Oils Work Differently

There are three grades of essential oils: food grade, perfume grade and therapeutic grade. Food- and perfume-grade essential oils are manufactured using the cheapest methods available. Many chemicals are used in the food- and perfume-grade manufacturing processes, among them pesticides and fertilizers during the plants’ growing stages, followed by toxic solvents for extracting their oils. Food-grade oils contain only a small percentage of the essential oil. They are diluted with carrier oils to keep costs down and they contain preservatives. These oils are not recommended for internal use and are harmful if ingested.

Therapeutic-grade essential oils vary in quality and fragrance from one manufacturer to another. How essential oils work depends on if they are conventionally grown, organic or wild-harvested. They all differ significantly in their aromas and healing properties. Most therapeutic-grade essential oil manufacturers use a steam-distillation extraction process, the preferred method, but others use chemical solvents to increase yields. In some cases lower quality or less expensive therapeutic-grade essential oils can be used in treatment. In other cases your motto should be “Accept no substitute.” Body-Feedback™ testing methods can compare different manufacturers’ oils to help you identify the best ones for your needs.

How does Body-Feedback with Essential Oils Work?

The Body-Feedback system identifies the best essential oils to promote healing and maintain health based on your individual needs at any particular moment. You can use your body as a feedback system to locate specific muscle groups and acupuncture points that indicate imbalances in physical and emotional health or that correspond to symptoms of disease. Specific muscle groups and/or acupuncture points become reactive when symptoms or imbalances are present. The brain, the body’s command center, is constantly monitoring these reactive areas in the body. When essential oils are inhaled, the brain creates a temporary patch that initiates healing and releases the tender reactive area for a few moments. The most effective and best-tolerated essential oils will release tender and painful reactive areas the longest.

Please note:

For individuals with sensitive skin or allergies the oils may cause some reddening or excessive warming of the skin.

Not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.

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My greatest joy is helping people find healing. Doing that for a Veteran who has served this great nation is a true honor.

The VA referred this man who had been suffering migraines and low back pain for about a year. Acupuncture and Young Living JuvaCleanse™ Essential Oil relieved his chronic migraine in the first visit. Body- Feedback™ with Essential Oils relieved his headaches on his first visit.

As a Japanese-Style Acupuncturist, I use palpation based techniques to assess the body to see where the imbalances may be and what the root of it is. For this veteran, the tender acupuncture points and pulse changed immediately for the better when I tested JuvaCleanse™ to them.

If there are any imbalance in the meridians, the body will often have symptoms or problems with self- healing. There may be tenderness, soreness or tightness along the channels or acupuncture points.
As an acupuncturist, I would pick points that would help to correct the imbalance. I would get confirmation when the sore or tight areas would relax.

I can also do this with essential oils using the Body-FeedBack ™ system created by Wisconsin-Based Michelle Buchanan. When you smell an essential oil, there are tiny little molecules that enter into your brain via the olfactory bulb. The olfactory bulb communicates with the rest of the brain. Your brain is constantly monitoring everything that goes on within your body. When you smell the essential oil, it puts a temporary patch in from the brain to your body.

If the correct oil is chosen, the tenderness and tightness will go away and the pulse will balance. If it is the wrong oil, the tenderness and tightness will become worse.

When I do a Body-Feedback™ assessment, I check all 12 meridians and organ systems. I then test and choose the essential oils that best correct that imbalance. The essential oils chosen are then used with or without acupuncture in your treatment. Using essential oils along with acupuncture magnifies the effectiveness of your treatment. Many times a patient experiences significant symptomatic relief and is deeply relaxed before a single filiform needle is inserted.